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iDEAcademy is not the same entity as HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning, but iDEAcademy students can enjoy classes at HuckleBerry.   


Dual enrollment in the Community Colleges is available to anyone from 9th-12th grade.   College of the Canyons is impacted at this time, and is currently only allowing 11th and 12th graders to enroll, but Mission College, Pierce College and others are still allowing 9th graders to take classes.


Tutoring is also available through HuckleBerry.   Contact us to schedule this!



Educational Coaching & Education Alternatives Counseling:


What's the difference between coaching and counseling?


Sometimes we know that there is an issue, but we cannot put our finger on what it might be.  Perhaps we know that there is a problem like testing anxiety, a lack of enthusiasm for learning, fear associated with following a dream, getting into college or any of a number of different anxieties that students face.  Many families are looking for another voice in the conversation they're having at home, or maybe not having at home.   In coaching, we work together to uncover roadblocks to learning, discover root causes of why a particular path is not leading to happiness or fulfillment.  The student is an active participant in coaching, and arrives at solutions based on their own discoveries made while we are together.   In Education Alternatives Counseling, we look at all of the different educational options that are available so that you can make the best choice for your family.   Sometimes a charter is best, sometimes doing things on your own is best.   We've not spending a lot of time discovering why something is or is not working.  Instead, we're going over the available options and the pros and cons of each option so that you can decide what will work best for you and your family.


We've been working with families for years helping them to figure out why things aren't working quite right and what they can do about it, how to adjust the way they spend their time and where they spend their time, how and why to make particular academic decisions, how much to push and how much to allow to develop on its own.   If you feel you would benefit from either service, make sure you understand all of the educational options, and if you still have questions, contact us here.  



What about the social part of the equation?

Homeschoolers get this question quite a bit, irrespective of the numerous articles helping people to understand how MANY social activities homeschoolers are involved in!   We agree with Diane Flynn Keith when she says


"Socialization is actually meant to prepare children for the real world, which means learning to interact and deal with people of all ages, races, and backgrounds.  In this case, homeschooling actually does a better job of this because homeschoolers spend more actual time out in society."   


Homeschoolers get together in classes, park days, field trips, girl and boy scouts, dance classes, music classes and sports.   They learn to get along with all ages of children and interact with adults quite easily because they are not in a system that puts them only with their own ages; they tend to make friends with people that have shared interests rather than people that were born at about the same time.  Nonetheless, it is important that parents going down this road realize that they are embarking on a journey that is both educational and emotional.   Time for meeting with friends is as important as other academic endevours.   Through friends made in classes, field trips, park days, music lessons, gymnastics and other sports, socialization is a non issue.



Activities for older kids:

  • YES - there is a homeschool PROM!   Multiple homeschool groups participate in sponsoring a beautiful high school Prom.  Last year we were at the Queen Mary with over 150 kids! 

  • Model UN is a cross-homeschool class.  Each group meets during the week for their own class, and the groups all get together for debate and time together on a regular basis!   Model UN kids also get to compete locally and nationally at colleges across the country!

  • Many dances, beach days, field trips and more are put on by different homeschool groups.   Make sure you join into their newsletters and facebook sites to keep up with all of the goings-on.

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