Not everyone learns the same way...



Maybe you've noticed that some kids learn best by reading in a quiet space, while others learn best by singing, or performing.   Some kids watch a movie and remember everything, and others fall asleep.  As it turns out, there is no one way of learning that works for every person.   And this doesn't change as we age.   Why not find out now how to figure out how you learn best, and use that for the rest of your education?



iDEAcademy has partnered with Learning Success Institute in the first step of designing a learning plan.   All of our students take an online learning success profile assessment where we will be able to figure out how each child learns best.


Do you like Producing?  Performing?   Inventing?


Once we all know your preferred learning style, we'll create an individualized plan that incorporates activities that will help you deepen your learning and enjoy the journey at the same time!  

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