Individualized Education for All


We created iDEAcademy to provide an option for students that want to design their own individualized education that allows them to explore new areas, have the time to discover and hone their strengths while also incorporating learning in all subject areas.

What type of school is iDEAcademy?

  • iDEAcademy is a PSP, or Private Satellite Program.   Read more about PSPs here.

Why would you choose a PSP?  

Every family is different, but here are some of the reasons our families have chosen to use iDEAcademy.

  • The pace of school and homework is causing children to miss out on too much time with their families.

  • The child has specific interests and the parents want them to have the time to pursue these interests.

  • A school program is forcing a child to take a suite of classes that just doesn't fit with the values of the family.

  • The level of homework and pace of learning is too fast.

  • The pace of learning is too slow, and the child needs a larger challenge.

  • Schools are not providing the type of learning necessary for success in the 21st century.

  • The school environment was toxic for some reason.

  • A PSP provides you with the ultimate luxury of defining what areas of life & education get the most attention.

How does this work?

  • In our first meeting we will review what you are looking for educationally to determine if iDEAcademy is a good fit for your student.   If this is a good fit, we do the following;

  • Discuss educational objectives for the coming year

  • An individualized learning plan is created for each student based upon the educational objectives, family world view and the student's learning style.

  • Parents sign all documentation required by the state.

  • Previous school records are obtained so that a cumulative folder can be maintained.

  • iDEAcademy maintains all records.

  • All iDEAcademy students receive priority and free registration for classes at HuckleBerry.

Are you WASC accredited?

  • We are not accredited and we will not be pursuing this accreditation.  We believe that there are many ways of defining an excellent education, and that this differs from family to family.   Many times, a child is not served well when they are forced to pursue their education in a box this is defined for them.  A superior education can be achieved without imposing programs that do not fit the students schedule, learning style or interests.

What about getting into college?

  • There are many colleges, and many ways to be invited to the very best colleges.   Homeschooling has become more mainstream than ever, and many colleges welcome homeschoolers.   That being said, the path into college can be different for everyone.   Becoming a transfer student is a very popular option, but homeschoolers can also be successful as first year Freshmen.    iDEAcademy provides basic counseling on how to achieve either course of action.

  • Our students are accepted into numerous colleges.  Here are some of our favorites!
    Allegheny College, Baylor, Cal Arts, Cal Lutheran, Cal Poly SLO, Connecticut College, Creighton, Earlham College, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Harvard, Kalamazoo, Lewis & Clark, Mount Holyoke, Occidental, Patrick Henry College, Pepperdine, Soka, SMU, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, University of Denver, U Penn, University of Puget Sound, USC, Washington University and more!



What is the cost to join iDEAcademy?


  • Cost:  $350/student 

  • Sibling discounts are provided

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